Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!

I have a hard time deciding whether Home Alone 1 or 2 is my favorite.
Especially during Christmas season.

Which I think it is. Even though everyone else disagrees.

As I watched Home Alone 2 yesterday and pondered what an amazing Christmas/kid classic it is I wondered if my children will even understand it.
Will they watch it and think "Why doesn't Kevin just call his mom's cell phone?"
Or "why can't they just call him on Skype and spend Christmas together even though they're apart?"
Will they wonder how it is possible to get on the wrong flight at such high security airports?
Will they wonder why the people at the hotel let Kevin use a credit card without providing I.D. or at least contacting his father?

Will they even recognize pay phones?
I hardly do.

Will we have heated sidewalks that make them question the slippery ice that so often is the downfall of the bad guys?

Oh. My poor future children.
And thank goodness they made these wonderful movies when they did.
They could never work nowadays.
Kids would never buy it.
(Since it was so believable in the 90s)

But I hope that they understand that part at the end of both movies when all Kevin wants is to see his mom.
Because moms are the best.

And so shall I be the best.

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Polly said...

Were you trying to say I'm the best? Thanks.