Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Year

You remember Travis, my husband?
I find him to be highly adorable.

Even though tomorrow it will be our 3month anniversary of marriage, yesterday was special in its own right. Even more special than the tenth.
Here's why:

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of meeting Travis.
We were set up on a blind date (which you may know was secretly set up by him after he saw a picture of me. Awww shucks. )
We went to his house and had some very tasty food and participated in very goofy games that I now feel are unlike Travis. He hates board-type games.
One stroke of luck after another (along with little pushes from he or I) and we saw each other every day for several months.
Until I left. Then he came to get me.
And I remembered that I was completely in love with him.
Then we got engaged. Now we are married.
It's been ONE year.
Only one year.

A few days after Travis and I got back from Minnesota we made up a song which was to be sung loudly and obnoxiously and was sure to embarrass anyone near us. After we performed it Lauren said "How have you lasted so long without each other?"
That's when I realized that Travis and I are perfect for each other.

Sorry this post is already kind of long, but it's not done yet, because everyone else got to do a year in pictures when the new year started except me, and I wanted to. But now it's been one year of dating Travis (yes, we still date) and so I get to do a year of us in pictures. You will be stunned by how much more attractive we are now than a year ago.
For example, I was much thinner. But now I'm good and fat, which apparently works for me.
Travis's hair was short and goofy. But now I get to tell him when he is handsome and encourage his long hair.
Anyway, here goes.

Wow. This began very IN-ORDER. Now I suppose you get to look at it jumbled a bit.

I love him.

That's what you should take away from this.


Polly said...

Cute post, Travis's face looks a little fuller too, must be all the good food you make for him. I wouldn't say your more attractive now, your both adorable at the beginning of the year and the end. Lucky Travis has such long arms so he can take your pictures himself.

MARCIE said...

You two are very cute together and I am glad you are so happy! love, love, love.