Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Corn

All of my favorite candies are seasonal.
I wait impatiently all year for candy canes (and peppermints are not the same), and those caramel-filled Cadbury eggs, and -of course- Candy Corn.
Candy corn is the number 1.
I have eaten an entire bag of Autumn Mix Candy Corn this week. I eat them in order.
A regular, a chocolate, a regular, a chocolate, a pumpkin (green top first), then I repeat.

Sometimes in February or August I get the craving for Candy Corn and buy the cheap-o generic yellow corn-only Candy Corn in the candy isle of gas stations.
I think "If I can't have real candy corn, this will have to do."
But it doesn't do.
It makes matters worse.

Because that candy corn is so filled with corn syrup that it hurts my teeth.
But the equally unhealthy Brachs Candy Corn is made with real honey, and something about that real honey balances out the sugar and corn-syrup and I eat it until I throw up and then I think
"I need another bag, since that last bag was wasted."

I never feel remorse for eating it.
Although my current bag is nearly empty and I will not eat any more after it is.

For at least a few days...


MARCIE said...

A little OCD, but this I understand!

Marge Bjork said...

you could buy a few bags and have travis hide them so you would have them later on when all that's left is cheap-o, corn syrup candy corn that's probably spelled "kandy korn" so it seems more exciting.

Marge Bjork said...

also, did your family have to stockpile candy in your cars for winter survival kits? because we had those. But we also had those because north dakota is so flat and the roads are so straight it's easy to fall asleep.

Polly said...

I love candy corn too! The stuff at gas stations tastes and feels like eating wax. Yuck. Still I am attracted to it because of the bright colors and the hope that it will taste like Brachs Candy Corn.