Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monkeys -- as in Evil, and possibly flying

I have learned many things in the short amount of time I have been here.

1. If you sleep with your hand against the mosquito netting you will have bug-bites on all your knuckles.

2. Monkeys can keep you up all night and not have the decency to let you glimpse one.

3. If all you want is to see the noisy monkeys then you won’t… but your husband probably will.

4. Skirts are not a pain. They are cool and awesome and will make you much less sweaty than pants.

5. It’s too hot, even at 4am, to use even a sheet to sleep under.

6. If your pillows are uncased then your husband will probably steal your t-shirts to make pillowcases.

7. If you turn on the lights BEFORE you get out of bed the lizards and bugs will scatter and you won’t accidentally squish one while walking to the bathroom.

8. Getting up at 4am to watch the Mighty Boosh because you can’t sleep will not actually help you get over jet lag.

9. People who work for Social Entrepreneurships are cool.

10. If you hear a puppy (named Squeegee) yelping outside the backdoor and something growling and your husband says “That’s not growling, it just sounded like a chair moving across the deck,” don’t believe him. Try to go see whatever tiger is on your porch, because if you check in the morning, there is no furniture on the deck. Also, I haven’t seen that puppy yet today.

11. It also might have been monkeys harassing that poor little puppy.

A last note-- on TV I learned that if you try to trick a monkey, or feed it when you're not supposed to, they will kidnap, kill or otherwise terrify you.
Except for on The Wild Thornberries, when the monkey might become your proper and sarcastic best friend.
I would like for that to be the case with these monkeys, but Travis says they don't necessarily like bananas and that was the only way I've thought of to lure them to me.


The Stanley's said...

I think I am going to really enjoy your trip to Africa!!!
You are an awesome writer.
Be safe my dear Becky.

Polly said...

Oh Becky, you are hilarious. My advice is if you hear growling outside don't go see what it is. I'm loving ever bit of your blog today! Love Mom

MARCIE said...

Kidnapped by monkeys? Maybe you can teach them to sing--woo hoo hoo, I wanna be like you hoo hoo.
I am glad Travis is there with you!

Chris Froelich said...

When do you start working?

David and Carol Pitcher said...

Funny, wild, crazy things you are telling us about. I'm glad Travis is there with you also. Try not to squish too many bugs between your toes and I hope you can lock the doors from your porch.
Take care!!

Marge Bjork said...

this. is a very amazing list.

Chris Froelich said...

Oh yeah, and why is a chair moving across your deck less creepy than growling. "Oh don't mind that, it's just our furniture moving about."